Situation & History

The Doisy Growth is mentioned for the first time in the “Topographie de tous les vignobles connus” by André Jullien (1832). Doisy is among the twenty growth of first class of Bordeaux white wines.

Daëne is ranked by Charles Cocks in 1846 among the four first class Barsac growth along with Coutet, Climens and Myrat. In 1850, the same author ranked it among the top eleven Bordeaux white estates. The name Doisy-Daëne comes from the contraction between the names of the estate Doisy and Jean Jacques Emmanuel Daëne, the owner of the vineyard and wine merchant in Bordeaux. As a matter of fact the growth ranked in 1855 was referred to as Doisy which belongs to Daëne.

In 1875, J.J.E. Daëne's three sons inherit the estate. The same year they sell a portion to the Dubroca Brothers and in 1878 Doisy-Daëne is sold to Jean Paul Billot. His only daughter, Pauline, Jean Lodoïs Juhel-Renoy's spouse, wine merchant in Paris, inherits the vineyard in 1884. She sells it to the Debans Brothers in 1889. Georges Dubourdieu acquires Doisy-Daëne from the Debans heirs in 1924. For over eighty years three generations of wine growers, passionate with the making of great white wines, have worked here from father to son: Georges, Pierre and Denis.

Georges, a perfectionist vine-grower and winemaker acquired the vineyard and increased its reputation with legendary vintages until 1949.

Pierre, a passionate innovator and entrepreneur expanded Doisy-Daëne,  through purchasing a portion of Doisy-Dubroca ; in the early 50's he elaborated  the Grand Vin Sec de Doisy-Daëne and has  for nearly fifty years been the creator of splendid wines. Since 2000, Denis has been ruling over Doisy-Daëne’s destiny. He is both a Professor at the University of Oenology in Bordeaux and an Oenology Consultant of world wide reputation.

Since 2004, Fabrice and Jean Jacques lend a strong hand to their father and are actively involved in persuing together their family’s work.