Meticulous vineyard practice

The vineyards are exclusively ploughed by means of traditional tillage and no herbicides at all are used. Organic manured compost is made with plant mulch.

Great pain is taken while pruning and at bud removal season. Each step is executed by our staff in our quest to improve the quality of the grape harvest and lengthen the life span of the vines.

Trellising, leaf removal and thinning are all carefully done by hand.

Hence “cultivated as in a garden” in an ordered and well preserved landscape, our vines produce early ripened and concentrated grapes which are flavourful as well as having a sweet and aromatic brightness of fresh fruit which can later be found in our wines.

As of 2017 Denis Dubourdieu was a member of a European programme named “Smart Farming” (IOF 2020) which aims to quantify everything possible on a wine estate in order to improve the precision of practices whilst also reducing energy use. We installed more than 80 sensors and 6 weather stations in the vineyards. All the temperatures in the cellars, vats and sheds are measured and collected for this programme. The global view reached allows us to limit risks and helps our teams be ever more precise. The pure essence of the expression of our wines is what we are aiming for.

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